Crytpograph-Hash-Algorithm-Secured Mirroring

Reflections on a Mirroring Solution: End of FSoC

Those of you who have followed my blog this summer know that I have been working on CHASM, a Cryptographic-Hash-Algorithm-Secured Mirroring solution. I am sad to announce that the end of FSoC 2010 is upon us. Working on CHASM this summer has been an invaluable learning experience and a great deal of fun.

My mentors Ben Boeckel and Rob Escriva have been a joy to work with and an excellent source of information. We had a good deal of discussion over the summer through which I learned a lot. Not all discussions were about the project, some were off-topic and about Linux in general. In a recent discussion Ben provided me with an overview on how some of the major projects implement versioning, and how it related to Fedora, specifically the NEVRA system used by Koji. Overall, both of them did a _great_ job as mentors and I look forward to continuing our work together.

As for the project, I did not quite finish all that I had set out to. I still need to finish a local domain socket library that can be used by all daemons that constitute CHASM. One critical part of this did get finished and is done as a separate library. We hope it might be useful to other projects and plan to have it packaged for Fedora soon -- I will write a separate post on this later. CHASM is far from complete, but I do not plan on going anywhere; I am committed to helping see this project through and will do my best to help out where I can.

Lastly, I would like to again thank the Fedora Community for making FSoC possible. It was nice to finally be working with other people and with such a great community.


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