Crytpograph-Hash-Algorithm-Secured Mirroring



chasm-p2p - CHASM peer-to-peer server and client


chasm-p2p  [--no-daemon | -f] [--host | -H] [--help | -h]
           [--port | -p] [--timer | -t] [--version | -V]
           [--verbose | -v]


The chasm-p2p daemon is responsible for the sending and receiving of blobs. It consists of two major modes called upstream and downstream. The normal function is to be in both modes simultaneously.

Upstream is a server, it does the sending of blobs. Once a connection is established, a manifest revision request will be read and blobs will be transferred accordingly.

Downstream is a client that receives blobs. It uses a timer that notifies it to periodically check for manifest revisions. If a revision exists, a connection to one or more upstream servers will be made.

Both upstream and downstream are not responsible for determining what blobs are sent or received, the Pool-Manifest Oracle is in charge of that. The actual storage of the blobs is the job of the Pool Manager. chasm-p2p is solely responsible for the transfer of blobs and is used as an intermediary for the negotiation. The protocol version in use specifies the extent of each components role.

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