Crytpograph-Hash-Algorithm-Secured Mirroring

A Look Into the Mirror: CHASM

The CHASM protocol is still a work-in-progress; however, the part of the protocol that pertains to peer-to-peer communication is fairly complete. All communication between nodes will be application level messages as described in the technical design document. Any feedback about the design is more than welcome; my email address can be found in my git tree and we do have an irc channel #chasmd, so feel free to stop in and start up a conversation.

For the implementation of the protocol, I will be using Boost.Asio and all communication will be done using asynchronous calls -- at least for this initial version. The upstream (server) node will be responsible for receiving and servicing connections. The downstream (client) node will be on a timer that periodically checks with the Pool-Manifest Oracle for manifest modifications, and, when necessary, will connect to one or more upstream nodes to update the collection. Both nodes will communicate with the Pool Manager (handles active blobs) to read and write blobs.

In closing, my git tree is here and soon more of my actual code will be pushed there. Again, for feedback on anything I mentioned or on coding issues that you find, please contact me.


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